Each year Tesla organizes a Global Leadership Summit for the Presidents & Boardmembers of the official Tesla Owners Clubs. This year we’re opening up one day for all Tesla Owners. You will have the opportunity the experience the Informative day of the GLS that we’ve called Tesla Owners World 2020.

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Tesla Owners Club Belgium is proudly announcing the second Tesla Owners World conference on Saturday 10 October 2020 to be held at the prestigious Hotel and Congress Ter Elst in Edegem, (Antwerp) Belgium. The largest Tesla SuperCharger location in Belgium.

By Tesla Owners for Tesla Owners

Tesla Owners World is the ideal venue to show people a new sustainable way of life. Different new products, services and systems are introduced to the audience to create a change in mindset. In this story, Tesla Owners are the early adopters. They are the ones who pass on the experience to like-minded people. They show and teach us new aspects of living, driving and working. And above all, they convince us that the future works, that sustainability is profitable and that a new mindset has a surplus value.

This event is organised Tesla Owners Club Belgium. If you have any questions go to TeslaWorld.com/support

Featured speakers on sustainable lifestyle

More international keynote speakers to be announced soon!

Bjørn Nyland

Tesla Enthusiast
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